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Natural wines and biodynamic farming

We are convinced that there are many good reasons for making wine organically, but there is no counter-argument. We produce hand-crafted, unadulterated wines to the highest standards. Our wines reflect the special features of the grape variety and the local geology and climate, otherwise known as the terroir.

Only vines thriving on living soil rich in humus produce healthy grapes that are rich in flavor. It is also important to achieve an optimal balance between the vine and its yield. For that reason, we restrict the growth of each vine individually in the pruning process and treat our soil and vines throughout the year with organic materials and biodynamic preparations.

Because real pleasure from drinking quality wine means being in harmony with nature. In the cellar, we need to preserve the gifts of the soil and the sun. So that the wines can develop into works of art created by nature and we avoid the use of all chemical manipulation, artificial yeasts, and bacteria. Both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation happens spontaneously in our processes. Apart from sulfites we use no agents in our wine production - all our wines clarify themselves over time and receive no artificial help from us in this process. They are stored in used barrique barrels for 8-18 months until they reach maturity, then we bottle them all unfiltered.
Our wines are all unadulterated, vegan and low in sulfur.

What are organic wines? And what biodynamic wines mean?
In our case organic wine is different from other wine in the following ways:
▪ No use of artificial yeast in alcoholic fermentation
▪ No use of artificial bacteria in maloactic fermentation
▪ Sulfur content is below 100 mg/l
▪ Only chlorine-free corks used
▪ No use of chemicals to improve, clarify or stabilise
▪ natural, sustainable methods of cultivation 
Learn more about the philosophy behind biodynamic cultivation here or read more about biodynamic wines on DEMETER.
Guarantied organic and biodynamic quality
BIOKONTROLL - Download our certifications
Our natural wines are officially recognized by the Hungarian authorities (HU- ÖKO-01) as organic, according to EU law.
Download our certifications
From harvest 2012 on our wine estate is certified by DEMETER also. To download our certifications from Biokontroll Hungária and Demeter International, please follow this LINK
Villány is the first Hungarian wine-growing region to have its own comprehensively controlled guarantee of origin and quality and it exceeds the national classification system. DHC Villány (= controlled district of Hungary) wines come in two categories: DHC Classic and DHC Premium.

"Colchicum hungaricum" or "Hungarian colchicum" belongs to the Colchicaceae family and grows only on Villány, on the Szársomlyó hill. The flower emblem certifies the DHC Villány classification.