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About: PétNat is the short form for Pétillant Naturel and the mother of all sparkling wines. With this kind of sparkling wine, the history of champagne began, when a residual sweet wine was bottled and finished it's fermentation in the bottle. When opening these bottles, the wine bubbled in a very pleasant way. One understood the principle and finally transferred it into the traditional bottle fermentation, which was the birth of the champagne. And as so often, we recognize traditional methods as still and again meaningful today, take them up again, modernize them and enjoy their results.

PétNat contains less CO2 (about 2-2.5 bar) than sparkling wine or champagne (about 5-6 bar). It's the pleasant creaminess, which has led to it's renaissance in the wine world, especially the world of so-called natural wines, because PétNats consist of nothing else than the juice of the pressed grapes.


Our PétNat Blanc De Franc 2019 was made from Cabernet Franc, but not as redwine, but as Blanc De Noir (White from Black), so the red grapes were pressed immediately after picking and destemming, so the must not became red. After 21 days spontaneous fermentation we bottled the still fermenting wine without any additives. It consists just of the fermented juice of pressed Cabernet FRanc grapes. Ripe, juicy fruit, pleasant, invigorating acidity, wonderful umami.

Only 210 bottles were bottled.

So don't hesitate, it won't last long ;)


Grown, produced and bottled : 


Susann Hanauer and Ralf Waßmann, Fő utca 42, 7766 Pécsdevecser, Hungary.



Alcohol: 13,13 % V/V.

Residual sugar: 8,5 g/l.

Acidity: 6,5 g/l.

Contains sulphites. Total sulphur 23 mg/l.

PétNat Blanc De Franc 2019

SKU: Pet19
  • Vintage: 2019

    Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc (Blanc De Noir)

    Style: White / Pétillant Naturel/ Dry/ Unfined / Unfiltered/ Without added sulphur / Vegan

    Biodynamic wine. Controlled and certified by Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. HU-ÖKO-01 and Demeter International.




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